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APFC Panels
We manufacture and supply of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels based on customers load details studying. Power Factor is the most important item in an electrical load. It is measured in KVAR and is in a dynamic state - normally. In an institution generally the load is in inductive form, causing a low PF. A matching KVAR output of a capacitor bank must be used to adjust the lagging or leading P.F.  This APFC Panel are highly efficient and accurately monitor the reactive power in power systems for saving energy.
 Why APFC Panels are required:

In industry most of the load is inductive in nature which results in lagging power factor that is why there is loss and wastage of energy which results in high power bills and heavy penalties from electricity boards. If the load is uneven it is very difficult to maintain unity power factor. To overcome this difficulty APFC panel is used which maintains unity P.F.

Salient Features:
  • Prevents voltage drop and flickering reduces failures in highly sophisticated electronic equipments like PLCs. computers and other control systems.
  • Reducing maximum demand (KVA)and Electrical consumption is less (Units inKWH)
  • Electrical monthly bill reducing.


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