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Drive Panels  

We manufacture and supply of AC Drive and DC Drive Panels, which are used for industrial applications.

AC Drive Panels: AC drives have become very popular in recent years as it is recognized that they provide a very ef´Čücient and direct method of controlling the speed of the most rugged and reliable of prime movers, Precession Speed control, Easy to program, More futures like, Over current, under voltage protections, Speed control.

Applicaton: Conveyors, Rolling mills.

Salient Features:

  • Multipal motor operation is easily accomplished.                                               
  • Minamal Motor maintenance.
  • High efficiency and low operating cost.
  • Low power Loss.









 DC Drive Panels: DC Drives are starting torque is more compare to AC Drive.DC Drive consisits of a SCR's Bridge.Which converts incoming AC three phase to DC two phase.During the conversion process regulate the speed, torque,Voltage and current condition of the DC motor. These DC Drives widely using in Tube mills,



  • Minimum Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • IR Compensation
  • Speed feedback information.
  • Accelaration Time
  • Decelaration Time.
  • Current Limit.

Salient Features:


  • Wide Speed range.
  • High Starting torque.





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